Hypnotic, Devlin Weed

Hypnotic is one freaky banging dyme. This biotch totally gets moist moist when she gets flogged, so Devlin Weed goes to town on her ass here - then he bangs her throat until she gags before finally landing a massive cum bomb deep inside her tight pounding rump!

Cassie Cruz, Enzo Lorenzo

Cassie Cruz is a lovely, horny 18 year old that has the type of sex drive that you would expect from a starlet that age. She's naughty as all hell, loves to flash her perky little boobs, and knows that she can use her cunt to get anything that she wants from Enzo Lorenzo. You don't hear Enzo complaining at all - instead he is all about getting his hands on that snatch and seeing how many positions he can get this slut in. He puts her legs up on his shoulders and pounds into that tight 18 year old cooter.

Daisy Monroe, Talon

Hot and bothered from their first date, Daisy Monroe and Will Powers rush into her bedroom to consummate their love. Will's eyes get as giant as dinner plates once he sees Daisy Monroe's jumbo cannons. He's in enormous titty love! This blonde beauty really loves it when he's rough with her! Will yanks out his oversize engorged tool and slips it right in Daisy's mouth to suck and swallow. Then, he spreads her voluptuous thighs wide open and spoon-bangs her pretty, pink vag over and over, stimulating her clit ring and rubbing and fondling her huge, bodacious knockers too! Watch Will rain down a storm of hot ejaculate all over them big boobs!

Tiffany Watson

Tiffany Watson Tiffany Watson
Tiffany Watson @ CuckoldSessions.com
They call him "Fluffy". It's a nickname that's stuck since the 7th grade P.E. Class, where he earned it. Fluffy's never been good at sports -- or getting the girls -- but today he thinks he might have a chance. Tiffany Watson, his classmate in Business 101, has been flirting with Fluffy. Fluffy hopes it's because she thinks he's cute; in reality, Tiffany needs someone to do her homework and help her pass the class. So does All-American football player Isiah Maxwell! Why mention Isiah? Watch him crash their study session...and at the worst possible time! Poor Fluffy just worked up the courage to ask Tiffany out on a date, even though he knows -- deep down -- that she's way out of his league. Then Isiah shows, and wouldn't you know it? A study session turns into a Cuckold Session. You see, Tiffany has a difficult time controlling herself around young black men, even when she's already going steady with Timmy. Or Andy. Or Blake. Or Joey. All those guys thought Tiffany was a virgin, saving herself for marriage. Oh, sure, Andy got a handie and Joey got a blowie...but only once or twice. As you're about to discover, Tiffany Watson is really saving herself for BBC -- the bigger and darker the better. Everyone else -- especially guys like Fluffy -- get Tiffany's leftovers.
Tiffany Watson Tiffany Watson
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Dahlia Sky

Dahlia Sky Dahlia Sky
Dahlia Sky @ GloryHole.com
All Dahlia Sky really needed was a large, black dildo. She's been fantasizing a lot lately, and since she's a Size Queen who loves large dicks up her ass, why not head to an adult bookstore and see what they have to offer? Sure enough, they have the 17" Black Monster Cocks, but what she didn't know is they have a large variety of Dogfart DVD's. The clerk even offered to knock 15% off her purchase if she'd preview a few in one of their arcade booths in the back of the store. Oddly curious and somewhat turned-on, Dhalia decided, "why not?" Soon, she was mastrubating in her private room. Dahlia was shocked at how wet her cunt got because of her dirty behavior! What happened next shocked her even more: the holes drilled in the wall that separated booths piqued her curiosity, but she had no idea why they were there. Perhaps to peek on your naughty neighbor? Soon she found out why, and her "giant" discovery only made her behavior even naughtier!!
Dahlia Sky Dahlia Sky
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Karlee Grey

Karlee Grey Karlee Grey
Karlee Grey @ GloryHole.com
There's an old saying that goes something like this: curiosity got the cat. The same could be said about today's kitten, Karlee Grey. What a babe! She might have some of the greatest tits ever, and when she's getting fucked, it's a great show! Watch what happens when she happens to wander into an adult bookstore, curious about what's inside: dirty mags, brightly-colored sex toys, perverted DVD's...and a back-room "arcade" where unspeakable acts take place! What our little kitten creep back into one of the private booths, where Karlee will watch dirty movies and partake in the previously-mentioned sex acts! In the end, it's a big swallow for Karlee, cause who wants the evidence all over their face??
Karlee Grey Karlee Grey
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Kapri Styles, Julius

This ghetto woman has got a smokin' hot little backside and she knows how to move it, she's also a crazy contortionist who can put her legs behind her head - you've got to watch this gorgeous freak get fucked and filled with creamy jizz that she squeezes out afterward.

Giselle Leon, Bruce Venture

Shot in true guerrilla gonzo fashion, Bruce and his buddy are about to meet up with a new, up and coming slut, Giselle Leon and they've got the camera to catch every detail. She's one of your adorable, alt-rock punk starlets with the pierced nose, pale milky skin and manhood-starved attitude! Bruce Venture jams his meat missile right in her barely legal mouth and watches our punk princess deep-throat his junk. The cameraman suggests that Bruce just go ahead and bang her mouth, an idea he quickly puts into action. Soon enough, tears of mascara well up and trickle down her fresh cheeks. For her next trick, she magically makes Venture's long weiner disappear into her shaved hot topic goth beaver! Watch her virgin face get splattered in hot dude chum!

Gigi Sky, Mike Hunt

Brand new Asian porn star, Gigi Skye is ready to make her first porn debut! This lovable Asian has fantastic curves...and giant tits especially for an Asian whore! After teasing the director in her silky, ebony thongs, she steps indoors for some hardcore fucking! Gigi's mouth-watering boobs bounce and bounce with every deep tool stroke. Then watch her swallow a cock down to the hilt and go right back to getting nailed in cowgirl! After getting completely RAVAGED in doggy-style, Gigi Skye holds her enormous boobs up to get jizz-glazed!

Ryan Riesling

Ryan Riesling Ryan Riesling
Ryan Riesling @ GloryHole.com
Meet the Rieslings -- Ryan and Damien. They're the happiest couple in the world. How so? Ryan's a natural-born, BBC-lovin' white girl...which has always been Damien idea of a dream girl. Damien learned about white girls who loved black men way back in high school, when he caught his cheerleader girlfriend banging the center of the basketball team. They called him Slim, and when Damien walked into her bedroom unannounced one sunny afternoon and caught the pair banging away, and he saw Slim's enormous cock and the pleasure it brought his girlfriend, he didn't get mad. He simply accepted it. Now, years later, he wears his chastity device proudly and knows when Ryan is "in session" with her "personal trainer", well...all he really wants to do is watch. And maybe clean up. If he's lucky. Today, he's a lucky cuck. Look! The Bull even got jizz on Ryan's wedding ring! Clean-up on aisle Ryan!
Ryan Riesling Ryan Riesling
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